Take a break at Leaning Tree Massage, specializing in discomfort from repetitive motion and chronic pain and find support for a journey that focuses on improving life with pain, stress, disrupted sleep, grief, or the effects of an athletic lifestyle.

A leaning tree shows us that no matter our environment, we can flourish and thrive; reaching for the elements to help us grow.

Book a session today for an approach to wellness that honors where you are while fostering an environment encouraging growth!




30 Minute Session-$45

A good option if you are low on time but looking to find relief from localized pain or discomfort. Neural Reset Therapy* is a good option for limited time as multiple areas of pain and discomfort can be addressed.

60 Minute Session-$90

A good option for a focused massage on localized areas of discomfort or pain or for a full body relaxation massage. Also a great option to address multiple areas of pain and discomfort through Neural Reset Therapy.*

75 Minute Session-$115

A good option for a focused massage on  a localized area of discomfort or pain while still receiving a full body massage. Also a good option to incorporate Neural Reset Therapy into the treatment session.*

90 Minute Session-$135

An ideal option if you are looking to address multiple areas of pain and discomfort while also receiving a full body massage. 90 minutes is optimal for incorporating Neural Reset Therapy into the treatment session.*

120 Minute Session-$150

This treatment is an option discussed as a follow up session based on therapeutic goals.

Chair Massage for Events-Inquire for Pricing

Chair massage is a great option for reduction in tension and stress; be it for work place wellness, seasonal festivals, or bridal showers.

*NEURAL RESET THERAPY (NRT) is a modality that aids in rapid muscular pain relief by working more directly with the nervous system; working equally well for overworked and underworked muscles. NRT has been found to reduce chronic pain faster and longer, as well as aid in recovery from stroke. This is a great option to try for those who have lived with chronic pain and not found lasting relief from other types of therapies. It is also a good option for limited time or individuals not comfortable with traditional massage as it is a fully clothed session.

NRT results vary depending on degree of trauma and structural damage sustained by the body.

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